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Even though, since 1989, none of Polish women have managed to follow the steps of Aneta Kręglicka who won the Miss World contest, it turns out that Polish women are still regarded as world’s most beautiful women. Or at least they are leaders of the category.

Wherever you go and listen to legends of a given region you will always hear one that tells a tragic story of a beautiful lady’s unhappy love. Each and every country has, it’s own beautiful heroine who has become a paragon of virtue and an ideal of beauty for all the women born there later. Jak poderwać dziewczynę

If you are in Finland you will hear that Finnish women are the most beautiful in the world, if in Spain you will hear that about Spanish women, when in Poland you will learn there are no greater wonders of nature wearing skirts than Polish women. Fair enough, let everyone praise what they have. What if we enter an international beauty competition? Are ambassadors of Polish looks fit enough to defend the title of world's most beautiful?

Stereotype examined

We are lucky enough to have a stereotype about Polish women being world’s most beautiful known outside Poland. British daily newspaper “The Guardian” examined the phenomenon as a part of its debunking stereotypes series.

The article reminded that we owe the fame of the Vistula River women among others to Heinrich Heine, a poet and romantic who was a big fan of Polish women. He wrote about “beautiful Polish women”, “angels on earth”, “Aphrodite of the Vistula” among others. It is not only thanks to him that the rumour of beautiful girls has spread as we have numerous ambassadors of Polish beauty today. Both the famous ones, as well as ordinary girls.

Szukam chłopaka

Greg Hodge, managing director of, admitted that as many as 39 % of Polish women receive favourable evaluation and can take pride in the website membership. It gives us seventh position among girls from all over the world. Norwegian women place first (76% of accepted profiles), while Swedish and Brazilian women are in the lead.

The website membership is free and anyone can sign up, however it is the registered users’ decision whether or not the applicants are accepted. They vote if a new applicant deserves the membership to "Beautiful Women". Rumour has it, only 20 % of applying people stand a chance to qualify. The seventh position of Polish women with 39 % of positive evaluations is, without a doubt, a success. These are not girls from the glossy magazines covers but the ones you can meet in the streets.

Wierszyki miłosne

Cytaty o miłości

- My foreign friends told me many times that when they have been to Poland that wherever they looked they saw a beautiful girl walking down the street, Karolina living in the UK for four years laughs.

Love knows no boundaries

Polish women enjoy their popularity among foreigners. Many of Polish immigrants found their other halves abroad and although it has not been scientifically proven, they are popular with foreigners.

- It often seems to me that Brits pick me up but somehow I cannot picture my life in a intercultural relationship, Karolina admits. - I must say a couple of my friends are pretty happy with their non-Polish partners. For some it works, for others it doesn’t. There must be a bit more of exotic but more misunderstandings too.

- I work at an airport and there are always many women of various nationalities but whenever there is a Polish flight my colleagues from other stands come nearer only to stand and look at Polish girls, says Marcin living for five years in the UK. - I like to watch too.

Jola and Nico met on Sympatia. - At the beginning we exchanged emails, the girl says. - It was a very funny period of our relationship as we had communication problems. Nico spoke only Italian, virtually without a word English, while I spoke English without a single word in Italian. Nico used a translator which, as it is widely known, translates sentences without any meaning, while I patiently translated my emails into Italian. I must say it wasn’t easy but once we developed our own way of communication, which was a combination of sign language, Italian and English, we talked for hours. Read their story.

Elżbieta and Tino, a Pole and German, created, as they describe it, something in the shape of a joint venture company. They also met on Sympatia. - Tino made the first move. He shyly wrote a couple of words about himself: who he was, what he did and suggested a relationship, Ela says. - First messages were full of consideration, wisdom as well as wit and optimism at the same time, clumsy however Tino taught himself Polish on his own.

Italian, French or British?

In multicultural societies, such as the British one, you can meet people from various corners of the world in the streets. Even though their looks differ and among them there are truly beautiful women, Polish women catch eye of men of various origins.

Sergio is Italian and has been living in the UK for over five years but it was the Polish women who attracted his attention in particular. - I think these are very nice girls and unusually thin. Very nice. Their character is very different from Italians and Italian women have rather dark hair, while Polish women are blonde. Very, very nice.

Jim, an Englishman, shares Sergio's opinion. - From what I have seen Polish women are very attractive, smart and beautiful. When asked if he finds them more beautiful than French or British women he says yes without hesitation.

Carl who arrived to England from South Africa also admires of Vistula girls' looks. - They are beautiful, I like them a lot, he admits. - I would definitely like to go out with Polish women. Do you know any Polish single women with whom I can arrange a date with?

Szukam dziewczyny

In spite of appearances, it is not so easy to meet and date a Polish woman. Sometimes you can get lucky at work, in a pub or at a disco and other public places, sometimes through friends, but you can search the Internet too. More and more people are keen to meet people from outside their culture.

There are special sites which make it possible. Dating website is one of them, it has been created to allow people looking for friends, love and flirt to get in touch with those from the mainland. crosses all borders as they say love knows no boundaries. It is a spot where people from all over the world meet and where you can find many beautiful Polish women.

Beautiful DNA

Poland has many ambassadors of beauty. Polish women more and more often appear in company of celebrities and succeed as models and actresses. After a long absence in the circles, they have begun to conquer the world of fashion. It doesn’t mean to say that in the past there were no beautiful Polish women and out of a sudden the DNA code changed in the recent years. It does go to say though that ladies started to care about their looks much more, became more self-assured, started to appreciate and expose their femininity. This is the reason why we can boast faces of Poles on the covers of such magazines as Vogue.

According to the agency five Polish women are in top twenty of TOP 50 Models. These are Anja Rubik third place, Anna Jagodzińska eighth place, Jac Jagaciak tenth place, Katarzyna Struss thirteenth place, Magdalena Frąckowiak seventeenth place. Two of them, Magdalena and Anja, enthused with their beauty the producers of the Pirelli calendar and we can see them in the 2011 edition.

Who sighs when he sees Polish women?

It is not only the world of fashion that enthuses with Polish women but also many private people, e.g. Kevin Aiston, known from the TV programme “You Can Like Europe”. The popular talk-show is a Polish edition of French “Union Libre” programme, which was broadcast between 1998 and 2002 by France 2 television. Not only did the popular and amiable fireman from England enthused with Poland but above all he fell in love with a Polish woman Marianna with whom he has three children.

It was similar in the case of Nigel Kennedy. The English violinist, Yehudi Menuhin’s student, graduate of Juilliard School in New York married Agnieszka.

John Porter, a Welsh musician, composer and lyrics writer, married Polish women twice. Anita Lipnicka, a singer well-known in Poland, is his second wife.

Actress Alicja Bahleda-Curuś (known among others from films “Trade” and “Ondine”) enchanted Irish actor Collin Farrell.

While Izabela Scorupco was among Bond’s women acting in “Golden Eye”. Although it is a fictional hero, he is famous for his affection only to beautiful women and fast cars.

We have no problems with representatives of the better sex in the world society, both professionally and privately.

You should not argue about taste…

Once, the ideals of feminine beauty were established on the basis of the looks of princesses, queens and legendary heroines. Today, beauty and looks trends are set by models and public persons; celebrities, actresses, singers, etc. Others, willingly or not, follow them. Luckily, there is no shortage for either. Although since Polish women are internationally famous and appreciated you can say that the example comes from the top.

A good style pattern, beauty inherited from predecessors and a bit of charm are enough to lead men astray.

Author: Katarzyna Swiba Źródła: Onet

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